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March Product Update

March Product Update

Mark Gilbert


Mark Gilbert


March 21, 2024

April 26, 2024

March Product Update

The team at Zocks has just added the most requested features in the latest release - Microsoft Teams, Participant & Contact Management and new/enhanced meeting intelligence. Be on the lookout for even more new capabilities by the end of March including Wealthbox and Redtail CRM integrations, and Google Meets in April—all coming to Zocks.

Read along to find out how you can start using the newest features today, and when to expect the next round of integrations.

Microsoft Teams Integration has arrived

Microsoft Teams is now supported. Invite your Zocks assistant by either adding to your calendar events or connect your calendar in Zocks, and your Zocks assistant will automatically join your Teams Meetings from now on.

Manage Contacts in Zocks

Introducing Contact Management in Zocks! You can create and manage contacts, assign them roles and see all their meetings on one page. This new feature will also be particularly helpful in improving the accuracy and clarity in your meeting notes when there are other Financial Advisors and other professionals such as tax advisors or legal advisors in the conversation. Cross-meeting analysis and summaries are also coming next month.

Easily Edit or Reassign Participants

Meeting participants can now be easily edited or reassigned from the Meeting Summary page. Once you edit, save and Zocks will automatically update all your notes. You can also create contacts from this screen which will allow cross-meeting analysis and intelligence once available.

Family Tree Preset

Our collection of meeting presets keeps expanding with a new Family Tree preset. Zocks will detect family members and capture all of their relevant information from your conversations.

Meeting Purpose & Financial Summary can be client or advisor-facing

The Meeting Purpose and Financial Summary notes can now be customized to be either client- or advisor facing. Making it even more convenient for emailing clients, summarizing meetings for colleagues or syncing notes to your CRM. As default both are client-facing but can be changed under Setup.

Wealthbox and Redtail CRM Integrations

CRM integrations for Wealthbox and Redtail will be available in the following days.


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